What We Do
Missing or Inaccurate Data?

Our automated sensors read and record critical data like machine uptime, freezer temperatures, soil moisture, room comfort and air quality. Don’t waste valuable employee time and risk inaccurate data with manual recording. Our systems record the data for reporting and alert you when conditions are out of range.

Workflows Not Flowing?

No worries! Our team of developers and systems integrators can streamline your workflows and help get your ducks in a row. We can create “Digital Twins” out of your physical environment to improve inventory tracking, enhance production pipelines, and connect all of the “things”.

Systems Not Connected?

We use IP networking, WiFi, cellular, LoRaWAN (low power/long range), and carrier pigeon (if needed) to integrate your various systems and enable communications from “in the field” (literally), to the office, and around the globe. No matter the infrastructure, our team of experts will connect your systems and get them talking.

Put our exclusive STEMcell technology to work for your business.  We use commodity hardware and open-source software as building blocks with endless possibilities.  This lowers costs while maximizing capabilities.

Systems Integration & Workflows

Radio & Wireless Communications

Smart Sensors & IoT Management

Mobile Apps

GPS & RFID Tracking

Drone Surveys

Custom Data Dashboards

Machine Learning/AI

Who are we?

Computer science professionals with a passion for serving others

Problem Solver #1

Charlie L. Waters, Jr.

Charlie is the founder and chief problem solver at jungleSTEM.  Starting as a hobby with a Commodore 64 at the age of 12, he is a life-long learner, always the student and sometimes the teacher.  jungleSTEM was started as a return to these early computer science roots and is fueled by a desire to give back…technology with a purpose.

(N) Problem Solvers

Crowd Sourced Partners

Keeping costs low while offering best-in-class solutions, jungleSTEM builds ad-hoc project teams from its network of partners.  This technique temporarily rents the expertise of “the crowd” without carrying the ongoing cost of a team of computer science “gunslingers” (hired experts).  The team disbands when the project is complete.

Once Upon a Time…

We love what we do and want others to love it too

Once upon a time a father bought a computer for his family.  This was long before everyone had their own smartphones, laptops, tablets, and game consoles.  This was 1982 when Time Magazine named the personal computer as “Man of the Year”.  That purchase of a Commodore 64 sparked a lifelong passion for computers in that father’s 12-year-old son.  In addition to buying computer games, the son bought some programming books and “learned to code”.  A hobby became a career – always the student pursuing mastery.  It is about the journey and not the destination.  And that father’s son is now a father of sons and the founder of jungleSTEM, a company where our motto is “technology with a purpose”.  We love what we do and want others to love it too!  That purpose is two-fold: 1. Helping you to help others.  We solve business problems using unique computer science

solutions.  2. Investing in the next generation of creators by funding STEM education opportunities for students.  The first is accomplished through jungleSTEM as a for-profit business where giving back is part of its DNA.  The second purpose is fueled by our JSTEM Academy, an initiative dedicated to promoting and enabling STEM education.  jungleSTEM supports the mission of the Program by reinvesting a percentage of its profits back into developing and curating STEM curriculum and instruction, plus investing in lab equipment for project-based learning.  Also, its leadership serves the community through Board involvement, local charity partnerships, and other cooperative efforts.  We desire to connect with others who share this same passion and vision, because we can do more together, and the next generation deserves our best.

Our Passion

Building pathways of opportunity through STEM education partnerships

The JSTEM Academy

While jungleSTEM is a for-profit company, we reinvest a percentage of our profits into our JSTEM Academy to fund STEM education for students.

The JSTEM Hack Lab

Virtual lab with 70+ lessons using a web browser or downloads for hands-on activities like RPi software defined radio and robotics.

Community Investment

Our leadership holds positions on Boards of organizations who invest in the health, welfare, and education of the next generation of students.

Future graduates of JSTEM Academy will be eligible to apply for partnership with jungleSTEM through its affiliate incubator program (Details TBA).

Getting Involved

Are you looking for an opportunity to give back and invest in the lives of students?

 Want to help?  Drop some coin in the JSTEM Hack Lab tip jar below.  The money will go directly to purchase lab equipment for students.   Or consider donating your time and other resources to the cause.  Contact us below to inquire about other ways you can support the mission.

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Need a problem solved? Want to help solve a problem? Drop us a line.

Please let us know how we can help you help others.

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